RCFC TV Review

RCFCTV was launched at the start of the season as a place to stream matches and upload content about the club.

With games being played behind closed doors this season as a result of COVID-19, clubs have had to come up with new ways of providing coverage for supporters so that they can give value for money on season tickets and keep a steady income.

There was lots of apprehension amongst fans who were concerned about what quality of they’d be receiving. Roy MacGregor’s announcement of a partnerships with Stream Digital and QTV Sports who have provided coverage for many other clubs ensured that it would at least be better quality than one guy streaming from his camera.

County also announced that there would be a half hour pre-match show to build excitement before home matches.

The question many fans were asking was who would be hosting these shows with many anticipating an inexperienced local might be drafted in to save costs. This would not be the case however, as established sports commentators Rory Hamilton and Jamie Lyall were announced as RCFCTV presenters.

Joining them would be the BT and Premier Sport Pundit Stephen Craigan who has become a favourite amongst Scottish football fans after helping to provide excellent SPFL coverage over the past few years at BT Sport.

Every home game has also seen a former player join the line-up which has added something new to the coverage each week. My favourite of which has been Billy Ferries who was a legend at the club back in the highland league days.

The pre-match shows have been excellent with insightful interviews and informed punditry.

In terms of the streaming of the matches it was definitely the right decision getting experienced commentators in who have added a great deal to the coverage. The streams haven’t been perfect however with the occasional loss of audio or delays in starting.

The home match against Aberdeen had the most major issue where the stream cut out every few minutes. Eventually the stream was changed to Red TV coverage which, although far from ideal, provided a good quality alternative to the issue.

Overall, I think that the coverage has been good and although we are all desperate to get back to games in person, the media team has done a solid job in providing an alternative for us.

One thought on “RCFC TV Review

  1. With regards to performance of the streaming I only wish it was occasional problems as in my experience their are problems every game and it appears that it only comes good in the second half. The Aberdeen game was a disgrace as they would have been using the same pictures from the ground as County but they could transmit the pictures. Surely it is time the club had a serious word with our supplier regarding the quality we are receiving or offer a refund for the substandard service we receive.


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